Cute As a Button Baby Shower

My mom, sister, and her friend threw me a baby shower at the beginning of the month!  We had to work around my sister's schedule as far as timing went because she's in school in Memphis. 

The theme was "Cute As A Button" and here are some pictures from the day!

My mom made this sign from scrapbook paper and actually found that button at Meijer.  It's in the nursery now. 

Here was the table - set with gifts, a few little pictures my mom put together and the thank you bags filled with cookies that my mom made. 
She makes these with just scrapbook supplies and they are cute.  Both of these are in the nursery now too.
Here's the invitation we made.  She glued the buttons on before she sent them.  We just uploaded the design to Vista Print and we had invitations for less than $20. 
This is the dessert table.  Mom made the strawberry cake from scratch and my sister made the cake balls.  I love how she decorated everything with the button theme. 
The snacks for everyone... She made the cake stands from some old candle holders she had and some platters she found at Dollar General. 
The fruit cups which she found at JoAnn Fabrics and then added the buttons to the front just for a bit more fun. 

Our little thank you bags had button butter cookies in them. 
The mason jars for drinks was my sister's idea and then my mom decided to use twine and buttons to give them a little more flair.  Love them. 

The diaper cake that my cousin Sarah made for me in the colors of the nursery. 
Libby and Emily

My cousin Lanah and I

My sister and I
The entire group in the living room at my parent's house while I was opening gifts.
This picture cracks me up because they all have their legs crossed the same way and hands on their knees.  Love it! 

Three and a half generations picture. 
From left: me, Grandma Gallops, my mom, and my sister
Another one for good measure and because we kept messing them up.
And my dad playing around thinking he is as cute as a button once everyone had left.  Dorkus! 
Thanks to everyone who came to the party and to my mom, Anne, and Lib for making it As Cute As A Button!  I enjoyed every bit of it!!!  I love when my family gets together for "parties."  We always have such a great time!!!
Happy Weekend... we are waiting on some snow!


Kristina Streeter said...

Looks like you had a fabulous baby shower! Super cute theme!!!

Eve said...

I love this idea! I'm sending it on to my mother-in-law right away.

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