12 Days of Christmas { We were spoiled on Christmas morning }

Ummm.... please don't judge the crazy prego girl in this picture!  I can't believe I'm even sharing this!  I look like a whale! 

But, here's Mr. K and I on Christmas morning 2011 in our traditional Holiday pajamas! 

Every year we open gifts with my in-laws on Christmas Eve and we do the Christmas Day thing with my parents.  This year was no different. 

Opening gifts at The Kellermeyers was fun.  We finished dinner with Mr. K's cousin, and grandparents and were all settled into our Jammers (as you can see from above).

So lets give a run down of our spoiledness at Christmas One:

Gift cards to Michaels, Banana Republic (for after the baby), and some cash.
A donut maker
Domino Decor Book
The Perfectly Imperfect Home Book

Some items for his desk at work like a clock and Colt's notepad
Some golf balls
Some clothes

Oh, and an Ipad 2!

We usually finish unwrapping then move into the family room to watch A Christmas Story because Mr. K's dad always wants to watch it.
Then Christmas morning we wake up early and go to my house where everyone hangs out in their jammers until about 11 or 12.  It's so mellow!  This year I was really bad about taking pictures of everyone, but I was able to snap a few.  Please don't judge the people in these pictures... they were either being silly or just remember we'd just woken up. 

Our spoiledness at Christmas Two included:
Kate Spade Purse - Holla!
Black Sperry Flats
Amazing Grace items from Philosophy
A toaster!

Mr. K:
Banana Republic Sweater and Shirt
Notre Dame Hockey Jersey
Hartford Whalers Hat
Ipad Case

I'm sure I am forgetting things, but lets just say it was a stellar Christmas for Mr. K and I.  We really made out.  Even Baby K got me a gift and received some thing too! 

Happy Belated Christmas! 

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