Nursery Closet Dividers

Good Monday Morning to you all out there!  I hope my fellow blog hogs had a great weekend!  I did... It was filled with tons of nothingness really, but I did manage to finish up a few projects that have been lingering...

No, no baby yet.
Still waiting on that one...
She's got her own timeline in mind apparently. 
We shall see...

Any who...  I was told by a friend that the best thing her sister did when she was pregnant was invest in closet dividers.  I hadn't really thought of it before she said something as I figured I would just arrange them in order.  But after doing a little laundry and hanging the clothes in the closet, I did decide to go ahead and give them a shot!

So I went to The Container Store and purchased 5 closet dividers for .99 cents!  Cheapo Cheapo!  Gotta love that!  Then I took them and traced them onto the remaining scrapbook paper I had leftover from the drawers of the dresser.  
*Did I ever share that project with you?  Can't remember... will check and if not share this week!*

Then I cut out the tracings to fit onto the dividers.

Then I hot glued the paper to the dividers and was left with these below!  Too easy! 

So here they are... but they still needed to be labeled otherwise they wouldn't really serve a purpose. 

So I found white sparkly scrapbook letters/numbers to stick to the tops of them.  I probably could have used Puffy Paint or something, but I figured this would be just as easy, and ready quicker.  Haha.

And here's what I ended up with!  I think I kind of love them.

Not only does it help separate the clothing size wise, I assume it will also help with knowing what can be sold to the children's resale, what can be packed and what is still available for wearing! 
Did you utilize anything like this for your kids rooms?! 

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Anonymous said...

What is The Container Store? I've looked online for clothing dividers and they're quite expensive!

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