Well, this week has gone by pretty fast. I've been working, skating, passing and failing skating tests, and trying to keep my house clean. Now it's Friday and I don't see relaxation in the near future.

Tomorrow we will be going to a wedding. My boyfriends cousin is getting married, or at least I think that's who it is. That should be an interesting ALL DAY Saturday event. Always fun. I'm hoping to work on my resume, along with my mother's, to give them both some needed zest. And of course, I'm always working on Verre Chic. Sunday may prove to have a little down time in the evening hours.

Friday's just aren't what they used to be. They used to mean a break from the reality of grown up life. They used to involve friends, trips, family, and rest. Not anymore. Now Fridays are only a tease that makes you wonder how long the weekend will really be. Well, hopefully this Friday, night at least, will prove to be productive.

For now, I have to go back to the almost over reality of the work week. 3 hours and 38 min left for mine.

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Little Miss Martha

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