Yep, that's right... I've been MIA. 
Well, not really, but at least from the blogging world. 

So I apologize for being MIA... I've just been so out of it lately.  And so uncreative lately...
I have a huge list of things to do and no energy to do them or desire at the moment. 

But since I've been MIA and there's a possibility there will be a few more MIA days next week, I wanted to share with you a trip I'll be taking. 

Next week I'll be leaving on Wednesday to go to San Francisco for Stella & Dot's yearly conference/seminar/training extravaganza known as HOOPLA.  I decided at the beginning of the year that I would go.  I love Stella & Dot as many of you know and I just need a little boost with it.  Some ideas from the pros, some tips from the top, some inspiration!  So... I'll be off to meet up with all kinds of Stylish Stylists from all over the US and Canada and we'll be getting our groove on and learning some things from each other! 

It's a 2.5 day thing.  Everything is kicked off by a GLORIOUSLY FABULOUS fashion show!  There are links all over from last years!  And the fashion show features all the new jewelry from the FALL 2011 Line!  I have seen a sneak at a few items and MAN O MAN are you going to love them!  I can't wait to see them, touch them, order them! 

There are so many amazing women at this event - from our team here in Indiana and from everywhere!  Not to mention Jessica Herrin - our CEO and Founder, Blythe Harris - our Creative Director, & Danielle Redner - our VP of training - this girl used to make six figures selling candles!  WOAH, I know! 

I'm so excited to go and meet other stylists, see San Francisco, and be inspired by amazing women and such a great company that I'm hoping to come back and rock it!  Hope I can do it! 

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Anonymous said...

Hey Abby,

I was a FWISC skater too :-) I've lived in San Francisco for a few years now, and I love it! You will definitely have a great time on your trip, This city has so much to do and see, and the weather this time of year is beautiful. I'm sure Stella & Dot will keep you busy, so make sure to fit in time for sightseeing~ Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, North Beach.. just to name a few! And if you need a skating fix, be sure to check out the ice skating rink downtown at Yerba Buena!


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