I'm Moody... {Guest Room Mood Board}

That's right!  I am.  I don't know why, but I'm moody today.  I think it's because I've been so tired lately.  So tired that I can barely make it home at the end of the day.  So tired that I drag myself up the stairs as soon as I walk in the door.  So moody that as soon as I lay in the bed, I'm out like a light.  Weird... I feel like maybe I have mono or something.  Don't ask me why... I've never had it so I don't know that I'd know what it feels like...

Anyways... I digress.  Sometimes I think this blog should just be called DIGRESSION.  No?

But since I'm a bit moody, I thought I'd share with you the kind of mood I'd like to set for my guest bedroom.  PS... this is my first weekend in a long time that I don't really have any plans (I know, I always say that but really) so I'm hoping to start working on all the crazy projects that await me in my garage.  Hmmm...

Ok... so... I want the room to be gray and have a "travel" feel.  I think if I had to paint my entire home one color it would be gray.  It's calming to me... not boring and bland. So below I started with gray paint.  Then I thought why not add a wallpaper sassiness in there?  And here is how I went from Gray to ... or at least what I think is pretty darn fabulous. 

So let's be real... I'm not going to buy all this.

I already have the map to go above the head board.  I found it as our local Antique Mall - Noblesville Antique Mall - for $15 and had to buy it.  Read about my vintage find here.

I have the wicker trunk for at the foot of the bed.  It actually sits there right now.  You can see it here in our Guest Room as it is now.  I found two of them on Craigslist and one now sits at the end of my brother's bed from his bedroom redo. You can read all about the redo here.

I'm going to make a head board instead of an entire bed.  Will probably use this tutorial from Young House Love.

The dresser & rug will possibly come from IKEA unless I find something else somewhere else.

The chaise will actually be the chair seen here that currently sits in this room.  I was hoping to try Kristy's  
painting fabric tutorial and take it from Pink to Teal.

All art will be made so all I'll need are the frames.  I might splurge on ones to make those shell shadow boxes.  They look good like that. 

Have the light up globe... Found at Goodwill... AND IT WORKS!!! HOOORAY!

So basically my checklist for this room is:
  • Paint
  • Wallpaper (or Stencil)
  • Paint Chair
  • Make Shell Art
  • Make Subway Art
  • Make Headboard
  • Buy Dresser
  • Buy Rug
Hmmm.... wonder if I can do it by the end of June? 

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