Gorgeous Succulent Wreath Project

Ok... so since Mr. K will be gone all weekend there are a few DIY projects that I'm just dying to tackle!  And then hopefully I will share all of them in a timely manner.  hehe.  We all know I'm a little slow. 

Here's one... not sure if I'll tackle this one this weekend (don't worry, it's been added to the end of the list) but I'm in love with succulents so it will be done at some point.  We used them for my wedding.  We have some in my front yard.  I love them.  I'm not sure what it is.  I think they feel different and kind of edgy... but with a soft, hearty twist.  <-- Might be the most awkward description of a plant EVER!

This entire project was created by Jamie at Prudent Baby.  I found it on Tip Junkie, but they will take you to over to Prudent Baby from there too.  :) 

Start with:
* a wreath frame that you can get at your local craft store.
* Sphagnum moss
* Floral wire or Fishing wire
* Floral pins - paper clips - bobby pins - all will work
* Rooting hormone - helps plants grow in
* Succulent clippings... buy or prune yourself :)

1. Clip your succulents. 

2. Moisten the spaghnum moss in a bowl for 5-10 min until it is fully wet.  Then stuff the wreath full of the wet moss.

3.  Wrap floral wire around the wreath and moss to keep in place.   

4.  Time to plant!  Start with succulents that you have less of and are larger.  Stick a pen or pencil through the moss to make a hole. 

5.  Dip your succulent into the rooting hormone covering the stem. 
6.  Secure the plant in place by using the bobby pins or floral pins.  Make sure you do not pierce the succulent...go around it.  Probably why bobby pins work just as well if not better. 

7.  Continue around the wreath until you have all your clippings in leaving a little room for growth!  Keep adding until you feel good about it! 

When you are done you should have something like this!  Voila! 

Isn't this GORG?!?! 
I mean who wouldn't love to hang this on their front porch!?! 
I know I would and I hope I can!  :) 
Beautius Succulents!

*for all steps and more details on this project, visit their blog*

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