My DIY Monogrammed Doormat

Good Monday Morning Blog Hogs!  I hope you had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend.  We went home for the weekend for another stressful family-hopping filled weekend!  It was gorgeous out!  A little warm, but still at least it wasn't raining!  Thank goodness for that!

We wanted to be home by like 3pm yesterday, but thanks to a flat tire, we got home around 7pm.  Saaaahhhhweeet.  I love getting home late on "Sunday" nights (in this case Monday) before going to work the next day.  

But I'm so excited to share with you my little project for the front porch.   It was super easy... and I think it's super cute.  It's my DIY Monogrammed Doormat. 

Remember when I told you about how Martha made a DIY doormat?  Well, if you don't, hers was way better, but in my defense, I could not find all the right things anywhere!  So I used what I could find and tried to stay under $15 and got on my merry little DIY way. 

I grabbed this doormat at Wal-Mart.  It was the only one that I could find that was semi-bristl-y and blank in the middle or without a pre-printed pattern/design on it.  I thought it would be so easy to run out and grab a plain bristle doormat... ultimate fail.  After checking probably 10 different stores, I settled for this one. 

Then I made my own stencil just from some card stock.  I probably should have made this from cardboard or something less flimsy, but it worked nonetheless.  I choose K for Kellermeyer.  I thought if I chose H for Hake, Mr. K might have been offended. 

Then I proceeded to tape everything off.  I taped all areas outside of the stencil. 
It looked like this.

I went into the garage and painted it with black. 
I used what I had which was black gloss spray paint.  Looking back, I think I should have used something with a matte finish, but again, I worked with what I already had on hand to make it as cheapola as possible. 

And here's how it ended up. 

I think if I'd had something a bit less flimsy, the edges would have been more clean. 
AND the K would have been more distinct. 
But either way, it looks better than the old one I had previously from Pier 1.  It had seen better days. 
And all in total it was $7 for me... the cost of the Doormat itself. I already had everything else.

Another upgrade to my porch was my new pots.

It actually looked really good all together. 
Check it out.

Until the darn Semi-Tornadoes whipped through... and knocked my pot off the porch and to it's ultimate doom.  I've had that pot for almost 4 years now... not anymore. :(

This was another FAIL, but at least my garden stool it was sitting on didn't break and at least we are alive after those nasty storms went through.  Others weren't so lucky. 
Remember today's the last day to get your order in for the proceeds to go to the Red Cross Storm Relief fund.  Shop here and select RED CROSS As your hostess. 

Happy Monday Tuesday Everyone!

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Momma Monkey's Crafts said...

How sad about your flower pot!! I love the doormat though! :)

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