Byte Me & Happy Birthday - Not To The Same Person!

I wanted to give you an explanation for the lack of posts again this week...

My husband's computer blew up. 
Not literally, but kind of. 
It doesn't work. 
FYI - We are a two computer family. 
It may sound selfish, but it's how we roll.
Tried to install new hard drive.
Didn't work.
Byte me computer.
Wanted to return hard drive, but couldn't find receipt.
So we are down to one computer. 
Mr. K needs it for work so my lunchtime sit downs with good ol' Dell at Starbucks are gone, but not forgotten. 
Guess it's an opportunity to read more.
Mr. K found the receipt and returned the Hard Drive.
Still no computer fix.
Need to save up for it (among other things).
I bought Something Borrowed. 
It came highly recommended.
Figured I might as well take advantage of those lunch hours.
I'll let you know how it is.

This is my life. 

I wanted to add a picture of us from my wedding
 but if you read above you'll understand why I couldn't.

And Happy 21st Birthday to my Sister Libby!!!  YAYA!!!  Hopefully she wakes up at some point today after a long night out with her friends to celebrate.  And when she comes home, we'll be tossing back those SkinnyGirl Margaritas!

Yep, you heard me right Lib!

Love you Lib!

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