Eighties Show Recap

I was born in 1984. Yes, I'm giving up my age...something a lady should never do, but it doesn't bother me. With that being said, I don't remember that much FROM the eighties... I remember the eighties through the nineties.
I remember things like Alf, Gumby, and Thundercats...
Am I the only one? Probably...

So last weekend, or maybe two now, the Fishers Figure Skating Club put on A Big Eighties Ice Show.
Song selections were varied... Kids in America, I Want Candy, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Melt With You, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Material Girl and the list goes on and on.  There were just under 30 numbers in total and probably about 45 girls who participated. 
This is a great example of the outfits...  a sister duo from the rink who skated to Opposites Attract. 
And here's a group of the girls...  Not everyone, but all that I could get together at one time. 
And here's my outfit.  I didn't get a picture of it at the rink so I attempted to set the self-timer on the camera and get a decent shot of myself.  Please don't judge. 

And yes, the cheesy smile was just for the camera... I figured I'd better work it! 

And lastly, I made these Rubik's Cubes to set outside of the curtain as a prop.
Super cheap and super easy! 

Here's how I did it.  I cut squares of all the colors on the Rubik's Cubes. 
I set them on a cardboard moving box.  I just found one that was as close as you could get to a square. 
I set them out making sure that they were never next to the same color and making sure I used them all.  It was not a cube that could be solved. 

Then I put black duct tape as the lines and spaces in between. 
And it ended up like this. 

What was your favorite part of the eighties?

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Kriti said...

Here from Diva Cafe and am so glad I came. This was way too much fun! Love your outfit and the cube was fantastic. may just give it a shot sometime. Thanks a ton for sharing!!

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