Maeve Update

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving...
Ours was quick and full of food.  We were ready to be back home though.
Something about sleeping in your own bed.

But this weekend we will both be in other beds as we are travelling -- Mr K to Toronto for hockey and myself and Ells back to the Fort for a Maeve Event and a cousins wedding. 

I thought it might be a fun easy day to update you on how things are going with Maeve.  If you are new to the blog Maeve is my baby... My business venture.  It's a labor of love that I run with my sister and mom out of Fort Wayne.  We specialize in renting vintage and vintage inspired pieces, mostly furniture, for events. 

I realized thanks to timehop, that just last week was 1 year ago that we started.  Since then we've collected LOTS of pieces, made new friends, and rented to a few along the way.  It was more of a hobby and "feeler" year... trying to see if she'd fly... and I'm thinking she will SOAR!  #powerofpositivethinking

This weekend we are ramping up for the Vintage Fair where we'll have a vignette set up for a holiday photo shoot.  Using our new Mantle and light blue wingback chairs, I'm hoping to score some flannel blankets, garland, and do a few DIYS before Friday if I'm lucky!  I'm working on making it look something like this... with our mantle... minus the florals on the top.

And add a few chairs to the mix and some flannel... Flannel is key.

After the holidays we will be looking to secure a space for our storefront.  There we'll host craft nights, rent out for showers and parties, and meet with clients.  This way we can show them much better the pieces and services we offer.  I'm actually also looking into for the meantime renting to my Indy friends.  As long as the pieces will fit in my car or are already down here, I can rent out to local friends and continue to grow our presence in the market. 

February will be our big month as we are going to be in our first Bridal Show.  I'm very excited for this and it really has to be just about perfect.  I'm working on it already and trying to work out the details of our space.  I love the use of space in these booths... I am hoping to figure out something similar that looks good and entices people to stop by and check us out!


And this idea too...


Then there are the things I'm learning... I'm learning things all the time!  Day in and Day out! 
Learning that you have to be on top of people sometimes - like realtors.
I've been taking Goal Setting Classes, Mentoring classes, business classes, blog classes and Planathons!  It's been a whirlwind... and I'm loving every second of it.  I wish it could be my full time job!  I'm also hoping to attend a few seminars, workshops, etc to learn from the best in this industry! 

With that being said, my goals for 2015 are a bit lofty... probably...
(1) to find a storefront
(2) to have 4 rentals every month
(3) to have 8 out of 12 months sold out craft nights
(4) to be featured anywhere
(5) to remain debt free
(6) to find a truck
(7) work on advertising
(8) Be a better blogger

I don't think those are all of them, but we are doing ok right now.  This past year we had 4 rentals which sounds like not much.  But you have to start somewhere... And I think we have had happy customers which is the best! 

*Can't wait to see our pieces soon in a catalog...
*We were just used by @housesevenblog which you can see on her instagram or on ours too!  @maevevintage
*I used the same piece for my family pictures - the best part about this business!
*We rented two pieces to 2 weddings this past spring! 

I'm hoping that 2015 will be our big break year.  Where we break out of the shell that we are currently in and mature into a blooming business.  I am so excited everyday that I work on Maeve.  It makes me happy.  It makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and it feeds the creative in me.  I cant' wait to see what 2015 has in store for us as we embark on this journey and I continue to follow my mini motto...

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