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I love this time of year for the exorbitant amount of catalogs that one receives!  My favorite!  It's time (or past time) to start sorting through them and make the holiday gift lists.  I've found a ton of great Gift guides all over the place!  Almost all the blogs I read have shared some to date and they are awesome!  Especially for men since men are so hard to shop for!  But I thought I'd go through and make a few this week for kiddos, adults, and hostesses/teacher/babysitters too!

Starting things off with my gift guide for toddler girls.  Some pieces can go girl or boy and prices vary from $12.99 - $159.  This year I am trying to not go overboard... Although I'm bound to.  That's always the way it goes.  But here are some ideas I'm looking at for Ells.  And I'm sharing since Ells doesn't read the blog. 

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Picks come from Land of Nod, Anthropologie, and Target

My favorite catalog to look through these days is Land of Nod - They have the best toys and the best PLAY toys for imagination!  I just love them.  So I've picked out the teepee, Sleeping bags (matching doll one shown above) and the puppet theater!  I do love that puppet theater, but I can't help but think I could make my own something like this... AND they have 20% off Pretend Play TODAY ONLY!  So make sure to go check the items out! 

Anthropologie is just a splurge moment.  I am in love with that sloth.  Isn't he just to die for?!  Maybe it's just me. The blabla pillow is also a fun one... I just think it'd be so cute sitting on a bed.  Only thing that would make it better is if it smiled one one side and had the tear on the other.  Good Mood, Bad Mood.  haha.  Adorable nonetheless.  My friend does have some adorable, similar pillowcases available for purchase in her shop right now too... go check them out if you are looking for something like this but more affordable (and practical).  And then Madeline books are always classic.  I just love their rhyming and stories. 

And Target is my go to for toys.  They still have buy one get one 50% off!  Make sure to check that out!  I've been stock piling the Frozen toys for a while because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find them... There are still a few you have to get from the Disney store, but I've got these 2 Elsa's sitting in our back closet and a Cinderella Princess Dress Up Dress that I purchased during their buy one get one free Halloween Costume Sale. 

But my must have toddler gift for 2014...
Especially if your toddler likes to play using their imagination...

A Tee Pee...
This will definitely be the big gift for the year at our house!

Oh!  And I almost forgot!  We have and love these... so Ella's recommendation for BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER FOR YOUR TODDLER GIRL would be the Magiclip Princess Dolls... She absolutely loves them and they start at just $4.99 each!  Perfect Stocking Stuffers!  If you see Tiana or Snow White by themselves, let me know!  :)


Happy Holiday Hunting!
More gift guides this week!

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