Quick Visit to Conner Prairie

This year we decided to grab a membership to Conner Prairie.  It's been a great move for us!  With the Interactive History Park being only 5-10 min away from us, we hop over there even if we only have an hour!  And at $90 for a yearly membership, it's totally worth it!

During our most recent trip there were camp kids all around.  And I'm not sure if that's why, but there were a bunch of people in character -- We usually see a few here and there, but they were out and about and very very active! 

We had a long stop at the town Doctors house.  There we made some food....

And listened to the Doctor share some of his remedies...

They smelled peppermint and she shared with us the family toothbrush and what they'd use on it to take care of their teeth.

We even heard some wonderful piano playings from his wife. 

And on the way out, we stopped by the barn to pet some animals.  This baby cow was Ells favorite this time around. 

Thanks Conner Prairie for an always wonderful quick stop in!

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