Patio Reveal { Just in Time For Winter }

Ok... so it's not exactly as I'd like it to be, but I didn't want to wait forever to share with you all!

Yesterday I shared my patio -- the DIY cement mold surface.  It was the hardest thing we've ever done, and not perfect, but if/when we move (if ever), we put so much love and sweat into that thing it'll have to come with us!

It does, however, look almost perfect to me once I got all my things set up out there!  Most of these pieces I had or were under $15.

So... here she is...
My fun, funky, sassy, diy patio reveal ::

I made the table from an old barn door that was just laying around in my garage.  I love that it's not perfectly flat, it has the hardware, and it's unusual.  It's not something you see everyday and that's how I prefer to roll. 
I had some trestle legs that I purchased from Ikea for my office and sprayed them white so they make up the base of the table.  

I love my randomness of terra cotta pots on the table.  
We tried to grow herbs in them but didn't have much luck.  
So now we have some mums and lavender (that's seen better days) and succulents. 

And you can't forget about our fairy houses.  
The two larges pots are fairy houses created by Ells with things we gathered from the park. 

The peacock chairs are finds from an antique store and they were $10 each.  Seriously.  I. About. Died. 
I wish I had a sun room to use these in year round.  They are absolutely fabulous! 

The bench used to be on my front porch, but got a little paint job and now works perfectly here. 
And these folding chairs are from an old baptist church and were $15 for the pair!  
I added H&M Cushions to them for a little extra pattern and comfort. 

We've had this little firepit for FOREVER and have only ever used it once.  Hoping to replace the garden stools with Adirondacks soon enough.  
Then we can enjoy the fall weather with a small fire and a beer or hot chocolate!  

But yea... seriously loving it!  I love the statement the peacock chairs make and I can't wait to get the lights up and everything finished for real!  Yay!  

And at least I got it done before winter came!

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