DIY Spooky Halloween Wreath

I was feeling that I needed a Halloween wreath for the front door. 
But I needed something that would go with our outdoor Halloween décor which is usually very morbid. 
You might remember our Halloween Décor from past years...
So a burlap wreath in black and orange was not going to do it...

I wanted something spookier...
And what's spookier than Snakes on a Door?

Here's what you'll need.

Plastic Snakes -- Number is dependent upon size, but I used 6 from the Dollar Store.
Wicker Wreath
Floral Wire
Black Spray Paint

First you can place the snakes around the wreath to see how you like them.  I kept them all going the same direction because it was the only way that seemed to work with this amount of snakes. 
Then you'll use the floral wire to attach them with the floral wire. 
This doesn't have to be perfect because it will blend in once it's painted.

Then you take it outside and spray her down!
Don't you just love spray paint?  I swear I need to join an Spray Paint Anonymous group.
And I didn't want mine to be perfect because I felt like that would take away from the creepiness. 
So not all the wreath is perfectly black and neither are the snakes.

See... How easy is that?

You can see here some of the orange peeking through from the orange snakes I had to use.
The Dollar Store ran out of black ones.

I do love the look on the front door.  It's kinda creepy and really doesn't set well with my husband who hates snakes.  I do too, but it's Halloween! 

I'm thinking about even going back in and painting the eyes on the snakes red...

So there you have it... one of the easiest Halloween wreaths ever!

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