DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Yesterday we attended a Pumpkin Party at our local Gymboree Play & Music and I spent most of the morning prepping the pretty much prepped Rapunzel costume that I somehow got my daughter to wear.  It turned out pretty cute.  We had everything but shoes so we had to stop and get those, but outside of that it was a pretty easy costume.  We even borrowed a frying pan from the play kitchen because we all know how many times that came in handy for Rapunzel & Flynn Rider. 

But with that it got me thinking about costumes of the old days...
Or how much fun it is to make costumes...
To spend a few nights scouring the local Goodwill or Thrift Shops for pieces you need...

I feel like my mom always used to make us costumes.  I'm not sure if that's true or not, but I remember my brother had this awesome werewolf costume one year that she made -- She ripped the jeans, killed a few stuffed animals for fur, and found some great glove hands for him.  That was a good one.  And I think I was a cheerleader one year... And my sister a hippie.  She always came through in the costume department and if I remember correctly we RARELY purchased premade costumes if ever.

Deep down I was kind of sad that Ella wanted to be a princess... While I was excited it was something we had on hand and wouldn't be costing me much of anything, I wanted to try to make something fun... And then this morning on my way into work I was reminded by Style Me Pretty that there are so many great DIY options out there!  Tear.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Anna Wintour


Hot Air Balloon Ride


And a true favorite :: A bouquet of flowers

I mean, what's not to like about these different and easy (well seemingly) costumes!  I adore them.

And then what about family ideas?!  Do you and your entire family dress up for Halloween?  I haven't before, but I'm not opposed to it... and here are some good ideas...

A Rainbow.  

This one is so cheezy and so easy!  My husband would never wear that blue sweat suit! 

Mary Poppins Characters. 

Ells would love this.


So cute.

And of course I would be this... 

This is awesome.  Anyone else have a crazy love for Beatlejuice?  I'd have to start making those heads now for next year! 

So anything you liked?  Anything you are trying?  Or do you dress up with your family? 
Maybe Mr K & I will go as Mother Gothel & Flynn Rider (with a beer gut of course)... I could make that happen.

Happy Monday!

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