Homemade Fabric Pumpkins

I am loving the velvet pumpkins on the scenes these days... 
I was searching for some different kinds the other day and came across these... 
101 Things You Can Make With An Old Sweater! {OK…More Like 27 Things}

And of course I had a "I can make that" moment and chat with myself.  
And if you follow me on Instagram you saw me hint earlier last week at the progress I was making... 

They were super easy.  I had some leftover linen-like fabric in my closet and some leftovers of others.  

While the princess was playing, I sat outside and just scrunched up the scraps I didn't like anymore and didn't mind hiding underneath...And wrapped them with the large linen-like pieces. I basically just twisted the fabric around the balls of fabric.   


I've seen that you can use toilet paper rolls, beans and foam for other fillers.  Once they were wrapped, I twisted the tops, and tied them up with twine, leather rope, ribbon, and even strips of fabric.  

I kind of love how they turned out. 

There has been some criticizm that they don't really look like pumpkins, but for a pretty much free project, they are kinda cute sitting around my house.  And they do look really cute with real pumpkins and gourds mixed in to the mix.

Happy Monday!

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