Halloween Potion Bottles

If you haven't figured it out by now, we love to decorate for Halloween.  This year we are a little behind on the outdoor décor, but don't you worry, it'll come together. 
Anyways, I've always loved those little potion bottles you see everywhere. 

Like Home Goods...

And Michaels...

They are so cute and fun! 
But they are still kind of expensive! 

So you know me... I headed on over to Goodwill to see what I could come up with.
And lucky for me, I found all 6 of these on my first trip!  Thank goodness!

It's actually quite simple to make these. 
I think I might make a few more every year so that I can have a large collection some day! 
I'm definitely going to need a bigger garage or attic because of how we have decided to decorate for the holidays!

I took the above glass containers outside and gave them a light spray paint. 
I didn't want them to be perfect.  I felt like the lighter the spray, the older they might look in the end... Like they were worn and used.

Then I scoured the internet for some labels to use. 
You can find labels all over the place -- just google "free potion bottle printables."
I printed out these from Itsy Bitsy Fun but didn't use them this round.  They are cute though.
I ended up having a ton saved to my computer from last year and found a few more over at Dancing Barefoot in Sand & Snow that I used too!

Next I cut them out and figured out which label would go on which bottle. 

Then I cut them out as close to the edges as I could and stuck them on with Modge Podge. 
It's a little messy process because I just used my fingers to smooth over the labels.

I really do like how they turned out. 
Would you believe that Insectodeth one used to have a Christmas tree on it?!  Right?!

I felt they needed a little bit of love around them so I pulled out some cockroaches and worms.

In the end, I like them. 
They are dark and interesting. 

Here's a cost breakdown::
Bottles - 6 in total - $6
Labels - Free
Black Spray Paint - Already Had
Modge Podge - $8
Total $14 for 6 bottles

Not bad... $15 for some new Halloween décor that no one else has the exact same of!

1 comment:

Donna Wilkes said...

I will admit to being a bit creeped out by the roaches! Love the potion bottles. Good tip aging them with a little spray paint. If you have time, we would love to have you join the Make It Monday party which starts oddly enough on Sunday at 7PM Eastern. And you can bring your insects over!

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