A Blog Is a Reflection Of One's Self

I'm about 5 years in (I think) and I have to say that I think my blog has come a long ways.  It's not necessarily better or worse, but we've gone through many stages of life.  I don't have many followers.  I'm sure my content is about on part with others.  I usually don't LOVE my posts, but I'm glad I've posted something.  When I first started blogging I had high hopes for myself, but you know... life gets in the way.  This blog has carried me through single life, marriage, jobs, and a baby.  I had hoped to reach a 110+ followers pretty quickly after starting. That didn't happen.  I had hoped to blog 5x a week.  That didn't always happen.  I had hoped to be featured somewhere.  I don't really know if that happened.  I still hope for all these things.  I have 44 followers no idea if anyone reads what I write besides my mom and occasionally my sister. 
The other day I was reading this article on Blog Her.  It's a post about blogging one year after starting.  Things she learned :: 5 Things :: 
(1) Just because you talk a lot, you can still run out of things to say
(2) Blogging is hard.
(3) Not every idea needs it's own blog
(4) Don't get discouraged because you blog isn't a hit from the get-go!
(5) A blog is a reflection of ones self. 

Number 5 made me think... "A Blog is a reflection of one's self..."
I often feel like my blog is an afterthought these days.  I try to take care of everything else before this blog and the same probably goes for myself. 

My life is somewhat chaotic.  As much as I'd like it to go as planned, it never does.  My house is constantly a mess.  There are always projects to be done, dinners to be made, and playing to be going on with my kiddo.  My husband could probably use more loving on too.  I feel like I'm always trying to take on the world... I think that's what mothers just do.  Especially working mothers.   

Well, there's always more that we can do.  In every aspect of life, but how's that for living?  Always looking to do more and more and more?  And never actually enjoying the little we have?  What ever happened to less is more?    Quality over Quantity?  Not saying that everything I post is "quality" but I'd rather share 3 good posts a week than 5 bad ones AND not miss out on playing Clippity Clop Princesses with my daughter or a quality dinner with my family...

Blogging is hard (#2) and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  It's time consuming, it takes research, following, commenting, learning, sometimes technical skills, and probably a hundred other things.  It's not so hard that not everyone can do it, but it does take commitment and time.  And sometimes I have very little time if I ever want to sleep at all.  These stay at home bloggers sometimes irk me.  Yes, if I had a nice ginormous house and was home all day I would surely have 4-5 posts a week of GORGEOUS content and pictures.  But I get to go to work and sit at a desk all day and then come home and attempt to sit at a computer {again} to get in a blog post as well as making dinner, doing laundry, and playing dress up.  I'm not saying it can't be done, but it's really hard even outside of the technical aspects of blogging. 

I try to keep this a blog about good things mostly so this isn't a whine, but it is a reality check.  I've been blogging for 5 years or so and it's hard and a little discouraging to not get lots of comments and to spend time to try to find creative and new things to feature.  It is hard to do something for so long and not reap any benefit really...

But maybe there have been benefits... 
I know more now than I knew then.  I have documented so many things like our house, my baby, my life, my projects that I otherwise wouldn't have documented.  I've made a few friends along the way.  I've found other blogs that I can't go a day without checking because I love them so much.  I will have something to show my daughter some day.  Not everyone has a blog but I do (even if it only has 44 followers)... ! 

And while I haven't really been featured anywhere or written about or made any top blogging lists, that just leaves me something to strive for, right?!  I can imagine it might be hard to live up to that one huge blog post that blows up the blogosphere right when you start and then what do you write about every day after that?!  Slow & Steady...

For now I'll just stay with slow and steady and maybe someday {soon} I'll have that posts that blows up.  But for now I'm good with just keeping this blog of good things  -- a reflection of me -- that comes from the lifestyles of the rich and famous the working mommy {wannabe famous} blogger who does tries to do it all and sometimes doesn't succeed because that's just how it is!

Don't get discouraged success is worth the work it takes to get there. #success #business #motivation

And if you read my blog or are one of my 44 followers, leave a quick hello!  I'd love to say hi back! 

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