You Know My Love For Craigslist...

I have a soft spot for Craigslist... despite all the bad things I always hear and the occasional trips to the ghetto to find amazing pieces... I still love shopping on that site.

And apparently I've turned my mother too.
She. Sends. Me. Emails. Every. Day. Multiple. Times. A. Day.

But this time she did good.
She found these chairs for me.

I have been thinking I needed a "pair" of chairs, ones that are slimmer and not so bulky, and here they were. The only thing I worried about these is that that might be too fancy.

But after I moved them around...
I'm really starting to like them.  I think they'll work quite nicely.

I'm also loving the new arrangement.
I have a tendency to move things while my husband is out and I'm sure he always loves the surprise when he gets home.  haha.

Happy Monday!

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