Resolutions for 2016 if Money Were No Issue

Well we made it to a new year and as I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off last night before I had to go back to work today, I was dreaming of what a new years resolution list would be like if money were no issue...

1. Hire Maid 
2. Hire Cleaning Lady-- Yes different from maid, this one would CLEAN my home, Maid would tidy up and fold and put away my laundry so I didn't have to do it every time.
3. Home Gym & Personal Trainer -- get skinny!
4. Find Husband Trainer -- Not so he can get skinny, but so he can learn what's up in the world, like how to change the roll of toilet paper or pickup his clothes or hang up his towels.  Like literally training him how to be a decent human being. 
5. Hire Assistant
   *Occasionally he/she would probably play babysitter too
6. Bring in the Novogratz to redesign my house 
   *Let's be real, BUY NEW HOUSE (if money were no issue of course)
7. Learn a new language by submerging myself into the culture, like moving to France to learn French.
   *Remember money is no issue 
8. Quit my job because I'm moving to France
9. Have a baby -- I would adopt one -- and spoil them rotten, if it didn't happen naturally.
10. Travel More 
   *I've got a list and from France it would obviously be much easier -- London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany, & Rome -- Actually I couldn't resist that jingle but yes, Rome, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Etc... Basically everywhere!

What would your dream new years resolution list be like?!  I think I could probably add to this list, but didn't want to seem too needy.

Here's to a happier and funnier 2016! 

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