Holiday Crafts to Tackle

I love the holidays!  They make me so smiley!  But this year, along with about a bagillion other items I need to take care of (would you like me to list? no? ok), I've decided to attempt to make a few knock off crafts!

With the first actual (well, semi-actual since it was gone when I woke up this morning) snow yesterday, I am starting to feel a bit "Like Christmas."  Sometimes I wish we could insert songs onto blogs like that when... Maybe I'll work on that!  It could be my stay at home mom project!  haha...

Anyways, here are a couple of craftyness ideas I've come across that I'm going to attempt to make before the holidays.  They seem pretty easy to me, but you never know! 

Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes:
These are the snow globe-ish jars we saw at Anthropologie the other day while shopping.  My mom fell in love with them.  Something about the bottle brush trees that got her going.  She said they were really hard to find... so of course, I went on the hunt. 

I'm thinking I can easily make them and I might even vary them a little bit.  They might be cute little gifts for my skaters too.  We shall see.  I'm going to attempt to get the supplies this evening.  Don't worry, it'll be a while before I report back on my progress most likely. 

Next up --

West Elm Inspired Holiday Trees:
This one might be a stretch.  I've gotten the supplies to try this one already.  I saw them in a West Elm Catalog that I grabbed while we were in Memphis and I decided that "I could make those!"  So... I grabbed a few bags of popsicle sticks and my glue gun and I'll be on my way soon!  I was even thinking about spray painting them white or silver once completed to go with my decor.  Or fun and funky colors to pop out!  Who knows...
Scalloped Trees

And Finally --

Garnet Hill Inspired Advent Calendar:
Ok, not sure why I want one of these so much, but I do!  And I want one so badly that I'm considering taking up knitting to not have to pay the $90+ that this one is!  So now I'm on the hunt for mini mittens, hats, gloves, anything that might work on this project!  I think I'm getting close to having 25 items that I could use - even if I am buying them off ebay. 


Maybe next year, I'll attempt to make the large stockings! Baahahahha! I crack myself up!

They also have a felt stocking one that might be an easier make - and by easier, I mean a lot more time involved for me, but maybe easier to find the "supplies" for! 

Mini-Felt-Stockings Advent Calendar
And because I seriously have a problem and can't make ALL the advent calendars out there, here are some other ideas for advent calendars that you can make yourself are below.  Maybe I'm getting into the advent calendars so much because I'm about to have a babe and babies love advent calendars - well, kids in general. 

Just because I'm a sucker for matchstick boxes, I may have to try this one in the top right corner! 
Love it!

all crafts 34 Best Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorials {diy}

Or here's another version of the gloves and stockings calendar
The one in the middle... Light Bulbs!  Mr K would love because they look like C9s!

all crafts 34 Best Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorials {diy}

Happy Crafting!
I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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