-- Weather Permitting --

Can anyone tell me what's up with the weather? We've had horrible thunderstorms for the last 3 weeks straight and I've got the bruises to prove it! Yes, you read that correctly. I have bruises on my legs from running into tables in my house running back and forth from the windows to the closet to the weather radio during the Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, Tornado Warnings and Special Weather Statements!

It's storming right now.

(view from my desk)

At the moment, my wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, passports, honeymoon information, wedding planner and all wedding contracts are currently in my downstairs coat closet to be as safe as possible from the pop up tornadoes that are everyday occurrences around here lately!

My leg has this horrific bruise and did have a bump on it from running into the corner of the sofa table while trying to scoop up Louie and take cover from the what could have been tornado but only ended up being major 73 mph wind gusts! I'll consider that a mini-tornado.

I hope there are no storms like this on my wedding day or I may have a heart attack and more bruises on my body than necessary! :)

Days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 26

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