-- I sold my dress --

It's about time.  
If you don't remember, I had two dresses.  I blogged about it here -- The drama of the dresses.  We found a great deal down here at a bridal shop.  Fit well, was very sassy...actually I had a bit of a hard time taking it to the post office yesterday, but what was I going to do with it?!?  I mean it's not like there are many things you can do with a wedding dress. 

Although, I have recently seen pictures of men who are taking the wedding dresses of their ex wives and doing horrific things to them!  It's actually quite funny!  But I wouldn't have done anything like that.  And another popular thing to do right now are those Trash the Dress sessions with your photographers...where you splatter paint all over them or food or run into the ocean or dirt or anything to completely ruin your dress.  I think I'd have a heart attack.  We've already had a scare like that! 
I'll let you know more on that later!

So say goodbye to 1058b by Watters...it was nice to know you and thanks for hanging in my house for a while!  You were pretty!  But now the funds made from you will go to buy other things for this crazy wedding!  :)
days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 17

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