-- The Final Count-down? --

Can you add music to this?!?  Mike loves that song...you know...who's it by?  I don't know, but it goes...The final countdown...Du do Du do....Du dud dud Du.... whatever.  It's a song...and very fitting.  But yea, so who's coming?!?  If you are a reader of the blog and you were invited and you haven't returned your RSVP, could you kindly let me know if we can expect you to have a good ol' time with us on July 17th?!?

PS, we get free fireworks (if we can see them) thanks to the Three Rivers Festival. 

But here we are...2 days past the deadline...and there are 54 outstanding RSVPs...  I'm not holding it against anyone, but I am starting to wonder if you are coming.  :)  I'd really like to have you there! 

Did anyone else have this problem?  Well, I don't want people to think they are problems, but this issue?  I'm just trying to figure out seating charts (who am I kidding...I'm not doing that), headcounts for the caterer, # of favors to make, etc and I can't because I'm at a loss on about 100 people... so...

Are you coming to the wedding?! 

I hope everyone got their invitations...  Here come the ulcers again!  And headaches!  And stresses!  Ugh.  What if the invitations didn't make it to the appropriate places?  Sorry, but you'll be getting a very lovely replacement EVITE.  :)  I'm out of actual invites.  Plus, they were kind of a pain to make... well not really, but I am over it at the moment.  No time! 

So, can you let me know if you are coming to the party?  And those of you who can't make it, we are sorry you can't make it...you will be missed!  We'll have you over for dinner after the wedding! 

Days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 24

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