The Drama of the Dresses

So we began looking for a dress at the beginning of June. We started at The Bride to Be in Fort Wayne, In. I immediately fell in love with this store. The ambiance and service at this store are unbeatable. We tried on about 12-15 dresses. I think the 3rd dress we tried on was a beautiful Augusta Jones dress with one shoulder strap and an asymetrical layered look to it. It’s shown below without should strap. Everyone in the store loved this one, along with my mom and grandma.

The last dress I tried on at The Bride To Be was “Jillian” by Melissa Sweet which I had seen in an ad and told my mom that if that dress was there when we walked in I was tryin it on no matter the price! Little did I know I’d fall in love with a $4500 dress. I’m sure it happens to many brides, but it really stinks when it happens to you.

I left without any dresses and acknowledged the fact that I had my “moment” in my dress that was hanging on the rack at The Bride To Be on Broadway in Fort Wayne, Indiana and probably would not be making an appearance at my wedding…and I was ok with that because I’m not the type of person to spend that kind of money on anything — I’m always searching for a better deal. So the search continued…

At the end of June — actually the last weekend in June — I visited Nancy’s Bridal Boutique in Indianpolis with my friend Stacey. I think it was our last stop of the day and I could not believe how many dresses we had tried on up to that point. We came across a sample sale Watters dress that fit, looked good, and was a steal at more than 50% off the price it would have been if ordered new! SOLD!!! My mom came down from Ft. Wayne the next day to OK it and I had my wedding dress! YAY!!!
Well for some reason the Jillian dress kept coming up while talking about the wedding. I’d send my mom emails of places I’d found it for sale and vice versa. We kept finding bridesmaid dresses that went well with that dress so it never really left our minds, but I still didn’t figure we’d find it so I’d kind of moved on. Then about a week ago my mom called and said that she had gotten and email back from Destiny’s Bridal in Arizona saying they had the Jillian dress available in a size 8 in ivory and for $800. SOLD AGAIN!!! My mom purchased the dress over the phone and now I’m the owner of 2 wedding dresses! Man are we some kinda bargain shoppers!

The Front of Jillian (not me in it)
Some parts of my wedding are starting to come together! So excited to be wearing the Jillian dress down the isle… I feel like a STAR in it! lol. And Now it’s off to get it cleaned, altered, and find shoes and accessories! Those blogs will be very sassy and very enjoyable! I already have my eye on some very sassy shoes…as every girl ALWAYS does!

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Bride to Be — http://www.thebridetobeonline.com/ ; Nancy’s Bridal — http://www.nancy/ ; Destiny’s Bridal — http://www.destinysbride.com/

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