My First Thanksgiving

I wonder if the Pilgrims and Indians felt the same way I do...a bit nervous and cautious about hosting their first Thanksgiving. I would imagine they did. Well here we go... Below is my menu. I hope all turns out well. I will be posting about the experience :)

*Dried Dates stuffed with a mix of cheeses and chives wrapped in proscuitto (we'll see how this turns out)
*OlivesCheese/Crackers/Summer Sausage
*Deviled Eggs
*Veggies and Dip
*Roasted Pecans

*Thanksgiving Turkey and Gravy
*Dried-Cherry and Italian Sausage Stuffing
*Brussel Sprouts with Brown Butter and Sage
*Roasted Acorn SquashGreen Bean Casserole
*Candied Sweet PotatoesMashed Potatoes
*Cranberry Relish

*Deep Dish Apple Pie
*Pumpkin PiePecan Pie *Pumpkin Pie
*Another Dessert

The stresses amid the wedding planning have definitely made the stress levels rise! Good luck to Mike and I!

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