Bridesmaid Cards Part 1

While my bridesmaid cards are not finished, I did want to post on the progress I’ve made on them.

I finally decided on the dresses which was huge for me! My colors are going to be chocolate (changed from acorn) and chartreuse. It was hard for me to justify my girls spending an arm and a leg on a dress I knew they’d never wear again if it was a shade of lime green so I decided to go with the chocolate and I figured that J Crew dresses would have a better shot at being worn again than many others. So…my girls have their options of Gracen, Lorelei, or Clementine in the chocolate color.

Here’s what I’m sending them to let them know this.

“You Choose” Bridesmaid Cards
They aren’t quite done yet, but they are getting there. At the bottom I’m going to add a little personalized note to each and explain that each needs to be ordered in chocolate. I think I may also add a little more sass to the cards too. I’ll post the final product soon. :)

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