Featuring Penned and Pretty – A Wonderful Caligraphy Option

I just love the Penned and Pretty website! It does happen to be a childhood friend of mine, but who’s being partial. Jessica lived in a house down the street from me growing up and never did I know she’d grow up to be this wonderful blogger!
She blogs on
http://www.pennedandpretty.blogspot.com/ and also http://www.tyingtheknot.blogspot.com/. Both are very worth checking out.
She offers different styles of which “Pretty Whimsy” is my favorite!

Her Prices are as Follows:
Outer envelopes: $.90/envelope.
Inside envelopes: $.40/envelAdd Imageope.
RSVP envelopes: $.75/envelope.
Return address { name, address, city, state & zip}: $.75/envelope. Return address {address, city, state & zip}: $.65/envelope.
Escort Cards/Placecards {w/o premade line}: $.50/card. Escort Cards & Placecards {card with premade line}: $.35/card.
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