Help!! Ceremony Site Still Needed!

So we all put much thought into our big day. Some people around me tell me that I’m over thinking it. I don’t think I am…yet. I just want to find the right place. I know the ceremony is the meaningful part, right? It’s the part of the day where you look into each others eyes and say your vows, exchange rings, promise yourselves to each other, and share your “first kiss” as husband and wife.

So I think I’ll be patient with this one, but I think I’ll also throw it out there. How much time and effort did you all put into each part of your weddings? Did the ceremony site’s just come to you? Did you know exactly where you were going to have it? Especially those of you who were planning out of town weddings, how did you conquer this amazing task?

Things I like:
1. I recently saw Jessica Claire’s wedding which I’m sure we were all enamored with. What perfection in so many ways!??! If Fort Wayne had a vineyard, rent-able vintage seating, and all around glam like this setting I’d be set…
2. An organically clean easily chic modern setting…is all that possible in one place? And available in Fort Wayne?

Things I’ve Tried:
1. 4 Catholic Churches in FW have turned me down b/c I’m not members of their church.
2. Looking into the Barr Street Market (thoughts? comments? suggestions?)
I feel like there has to be something that fits Mike and I and the way we are.

Maybe I am over thinking this, but I really do plan on (at this point) only getting married once. I’d like each part of our wedding to have more meaning than “it was available and in our budget.” I would hope that there are other Brides-to-Be out there who can relate.
Thanks for stopping by!
Two Souls, One Heart ~~ French Sayings Used on Poesy Rings

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