-- Where Do You Blog Party --

I've come across this a couple of times so I've decided to do it myself.  Censational Girl started this idea and has everyone linking up to join the party!  This post may stand for tomorrow as well. 

So...where do I blog?  I blog many places.  When I have a few extra seconds at work, I may start a blog and save for later. Sitting at my desk, looking out the window on rainy and sunny days! 

Or, I at Starbucks during Lunch.

Sitting outside on the patio with an Iced Green or Black Tea...some Madelines and the great atmosphere that Starbucks brings!  Anywhere I blog, I love it!  I just want to be comfortable!  :) 

Where do you blog?

And don't forget to link it up here.  Linking ends tonight! 

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