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I've been in the mood for "easy" lately.  I think it's because I feel like I haven't settled back into my groove yet.  I feel like I've just been bouncing around trying to catch up.  Last night I ran around the house, cleaning the house for the house cleaner.  Makes no sense I know... It's almost so she doesn't think we are complete slobs, but more that if there is stuff all over the floors, they don't get cleaned and then I'm paying for nothing. 

When I finally hit the bed, my body was just overcome with exhaustion... which might have explained how I slept through 4 alarms this morning... weird.  And even went to bed earlier than usual... weird. 

But back to the easy thing.  Our pantry has been looking very sparse lately so along with "easy" recipes, I was looking for ones with minimal ingredients -- like 3 or 4 total.  I was sure I'd find nothing but that's why we love Pinterest these days... You can seriously find anything (I think).

So I searched for "3 Ingredients" and sure enough I got a recipe.  I made this a couple of weeks ago, but remember I'm still trying to catch up. 

3 Ingredient Fruit Cobbler

Ingredients Needed: 
Frozen Fruit of choice
Vanilla or White cake mix

You pour the frozen fruit into a glass pan that has been greased.  I just sprayed mine with a quick coat of Pam. And we had some frozen peaches and mango in our freezer so that was my choice.  I figured it would be OK if it turned out and if it didn't it wouldn't be too much of a loss.

Once your fruit is in place, you evenly sprinkle the cake mix over top. 

Then you bake for 45-55 minutes at 350 degrees and it comes out like this...

Oops.. that's Baby Kakes, my little helper, but I don't have an after because we ate it before I remembered... I will get better, right?!  At remembering?!? 

It was OK.  I will say that it was much better the next day, but all in all not too bad for a 3 ingredient recipe. 

Happy Halloween.
Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures tonight.  ha. ha.

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