Conner Prairie - Part 1

Happy Columbus Day! 

Since it's the day we celebrate Columbus, I thought it would be fitting to share an "experience in the past" that we recently took.  It's no voyage on the Nina, the Pinta, nor the Santa Maria, but it was a walk back in time to the days of no TV, no cars, no microwaves or refrigerators and a very cool experience back to the 1800s..

Last weekend we went to Connor Prairie.  It's a Living History Museum basically in our backyard... It's about 5 minutes away.  We've never been before, but always wanted to go.  Actually I've posted about it before when we went to Symphony on the Prairie.  Ells was our perfect chance... and the Museum Day Live by Smithsonian Magazine which emailed you tickets for free entry to all participating museums. 
We've always talked about going and even getting a membership and now we definitely will be doing so! 
Here's Mr K and Ells very excited to embark on the adventure of the day! 
He hates getting his picture taken.
Once we got in, I wanted to take a moment for photo-ops all over the place. 
I wish I were better at photo shop because I'd like to crop Mike out of this... Oh well.
Isn't it gorgeous?

And it was the perfect fall day too.  65 degrees with a slight breeze and beautiful sunshine!
Then we turned into the Indian Territory. 
I forget the actual name of this space, but this man was telling tales and talking of things of the past.  In this area we were able to watch them make fire, look through old one room buildings, and guess the skins of different animals like squirrel, fox, and otters.

This house is the house of the Conner's (I think - didn't pay too close of attention).  Looked like someone had recently broken the door in.  The house was very barren and the the door was obviously boarded with plywood.  It was gorgeous though.. I could live there! 

Ells was enamored with this balloon.   It's the newest thing at Conner Prairie.  The 1859 Hot Air Balloon ride.  It's very cool, especially when you can go up in it at night during a Symphony on the Prairie, but Mike and I are cheap so we just watched.  It's attached and just goes up and down... but I'm sure it's very pretty up there.

Then we made our way over to the farm house that was full of animals.  Goats and sheep were roaming around freely, and horses were in a stable.  I tried to make Ells touch the different animals (don't worry we used antibacterial wash after)...

But she wasn't having it.  She was OK if I did it and got very excited, but wasn't so sure when she did it herself.

I loved these signs that were on our way into the old village. 
Beyond this Point Airplanes, Cameras, and fans did not exist.

Beyond this point TV, Refrigerators, and Space Walks do not exist!

And next time I'll share Prarietown with you!  So much fun!

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