Work Travel - San Diego, CA

Well, well, well...
Just when I thought I was home for good, another trip just got put onto the calendar.  That stinks.  At least it's to someplace warm -- again.

Just a forewarning -- I'm totally writing my post out of order these days.  Mostly due to the fact that the only time I am on my computer at home is NEVER and photos cannot be downloaded in a timely manner even though I got an EyeFi memory card for my birthday.  Maybe it's business or maybe it's laziness... I'll figure that out later.

Anyways, I recently was sent by work to San Diego.  It sucked, I know... just kidding.  Well... no, the work wasn't even that bad.  But we ended up with a little free time and did a couple of touristy things and those will (hopefully) be coming soon. 

Our office was located right on the bay and also in Little Italy.  Mmm... Mmm... One day we grabbed lunch and had a little time left over so we jumped into an antique mall.  Can I just say... I saw so many things... but (1) they wouldn't fit in my luggage and (2) they were kind of expensive... at least the things I liked - of course!

There were tons of trinkets and little odds and end items, but these plates caught my eye...

I think I've said it before, but I always look for the Coca-Cola tin tray with the ice skater on it... I love it.
I found it one time and walked by it because of the price tag, but never again!  It will be mine someday!

For some reason I was completely intrigued with this painting.  It was around $250 -- not too bad for a unique piece of vintage-y art.  I loved the coloring and the drabness of it... and then the sun in the background.   I don't know exactly why, but I really liked it. 
She could live in my house any day!

Then I saw this old rocker.  It reminded me of the one that Sherry recently redid over at Young House Love, but I liked that it had a leather seat. 

LOVED this tin Peace Sign!
I would have loved this for my loft, but it was priced at $200. 
That was not in my weekly budget! 
Fail :( Woamp Woamp
Couldn't everyone use a peace sign like this in their house?!  Perfect for a kids room too! Or a random accent wall!

There was something about this picture too, but can you see that price tag?!  Maybe I was more drawn to the frame than the picture itself... I don't know, just thought it was cool.

Then I just thought this was funny.  Dingle the Dinosaur.  Dingle.  If you are not laughing you should be.  Dingle.  Every. Time. I. Say. It. I. Laugh.
Then add Dinosaur and it become even better.

Plus, he's cute!

Now, correct me if I'm wrong... but is that bust who I think it is?!  It was in a cabinet and I was not about to ask about seeing it... red flags would go up I'm sure... but wow.  Very neat.  Very disturbing, but neat.

These guys were at a booth with newer items and I just thought they were different.  I was trying to think of a place for them in my home, but couldn't get anything to come to mind.  They were just interesting...
Still would have need to have been shipped home.

And saving the best for last...
My absolutely favorite piece I've EVER seen in an antique store! 
This carousel horse from the 1800s...
At least that's what it said.
A. Freaking. Mazing.

I would sit this in my entryway so everyone could see it.
Just kidding, but seriously.
It was gorgeous!  I was like going gah-gah over it.
AND to top it off, it was 50% off... still $500, but what a great deal!
I can see this in a play room of my house some rich persons house someday!

Ok, so thanks for going antiquing with me today!

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