Hanging Around

Happy Tuesday!
No?  Me either.  Tuesdays are rough for me.  Longer than Mondays always! 

And so far today has started on the wrong foot. 
(1) Our garage door is broken and I didn't know how to unlock it besides with the automatic thingy so that put me behind a bit this morning. Had to run back upstairs and wake up the husband to ask how to do it.
(2) I forgot my chap stick and my lips are beyond chapped.
(3) Due to running late, I was not able to get coffee -- MAJOR FAIL.
(4) I didn't know it was jeans day at work AND forgot my item for the pitch-in.  I'm "oh well-ing" this one.
(5) And I left my debit card with my husband.  <-- fail.="fail.">

So... moving on with my fun life.

We've always had our TV just sitting on the little bench/TV stand we got from IKEA.
It used to be on the other wall -- I probably should have started with that post, but couldn't find the pictures in a timely manner.  Anyways, it's always been sitting there on a stand.  And no matter how tight we made the stand, the TV always leaned a little towards the front.  And with Baby Kakes getting bigger, we thought we might need a new system. So... we researched a few wall mounts and I made Mr. K go pick it up.

When he got back he had a completely different one than what we had talked about, but he kept calling it "fool proof."  And wouldn't you know, I forget the name of it. Oh yea, it was called the EZ Wall Mount. And it was just that.

We started with this situation -- and there is no judging on the lack of organization going on in my living room right here... = ZERO.

A leaning TV, low to the ground, large and in charge...
And a little Jake Gyllenhaal, why not?!?

To this -- A lovely wall mounted almost perfectly sized for our wall TV. 
It was like it was meant to be. 

And we kinda love it.

There are a few things that bother me...
Sometimes it's hard to see being in between the windows, but nothing that a little blinds can't fix.
And it's kind of a crap TV... only because the volume is funky and the color sometimes changes...
But, alas, we are poor so a new one is not in our near future.

And you might have noticed we actually swapped it out for a different one.  The original one in the top picture did not fit in between the windows so we grabbed one from upstairs and moved it here. 


The EZ Mount was really that EZ.

For the first week, we were just waiting to come home to a broken wall and TV as we were sure it would fall off, but about a month later it's still hanging around.

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