My Etsy Favorites of Today

The first thing you do when walking into the wedding and/or reception is sign the guest book, but then what do you do with the guestbook??? So why not get creative? The Wedding Perch on Etsy has a great alternative! Their Small Natural Wood Wedding Guest Book/Memory Plaque, Wedding Gift With Shadow Box Frame is a great idea for anyone who is trying to get away from the plain old guest book!

This is something that is unique, could hang in your house forever, and is a conversation starter as well! Love! And it's only $60.00

Next I love this Custom Bridal Bouquet from Cultivar. It is handmade with recycled fabrics and detailed beadwork. I especially love that the one shown here has fabrics with a little pattern on it. It's very detailed with out being too ornate. $125

There are a lot of bows at my wedding, but not your typical bows...althought this is an example of a classic bow. From Belcanto, the 1940 Staret Spun Art Deco Rhinestone Bow Bridal Haircomb is one that is sure to be the perfect accessory. This is a lovely and rare find!!! $125

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