My Gallery Wall { Part Two }

This weekend was a very productive one to say the least! 
Actually strike that!  Sunday was productive.  Saturday, not so much. 

Mr. K's parents came into town for his birthday Friday and Saturday and I ended up not feeling well Saturday.... it's getting a little out of control. 
But one thing I did was work on my gallery wall!  I took a page from John and Sherry over at Young House Love and took all the frames, traced them, and then cut out the shapes to represent the frames.  Then I hung  the shapes all over the wall until I came up with a satisfying pattern!  Too easy! 

Here's what the papers looked like on the wall.  I used hockey tape to hold them up.  How appropriate!

And here's a sneak peek of the final result. 
Minus pictures... it's not looking too shabby! 

Don't mind the upside down Mona Lisa - she'll be switched out at some point.  Or my mom at like at 7 riding a pony in chaps and a cowgirl hat!  :)  That one will stay! 

I'm hoping to get pictures in all of them in the upcoming weeks!  Tomorrow I'll reveal the entire wall... Then once I get all the pictures in, I'll do a final reveal! 

Have you done something like this?

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