Craigslist Finds - 8/17/11

Good Morning Blog Hogs!

I'm bored today so I'm thinking about doing a little redecorating... and I thought I'd check out craigslist to see what we could find... :)

I need a dresser for our room and now, the baby's room. 
Here are some options I found today:

image 0

Kind of loving this dresser!  It feels kind of funky!  And at $130, it's a steal.  However, I'd probably redo it... I know, right?!?  But I'm really in love with the two-tone feel right now and I'm thinking this would look awesome with white drawers and a brown outer shell.  What do you think?

Maybe I could make it look more like this....


Then I found this beaut!

image 0

I absolutely love this dresser and have seen it before... I just can't figure out anywhere in my house to put it... AND it's listed for $425.  It is gorgeous though!!! 

image 0

And this one might just work in my bedroom... I'm still unsure whether to go white, gray, or black with the furniture in there.  My bed is black, but none of my other furniture matches it... Hmmm.... Things that make you go hmmm.... And it's listed for only $100!  A steal if it's in good condition!

For my dining room/kitchen:
*I don't know why I call it a dining room since it's clearly IN MY KITCHEN
- next house will have dining room*

image 0

I found this!  WOW!!!  And I'm seriously hoping it's still available... needs a little altering to be done, BUT for $75 that's totally worth it to me at this point...
I'd like to make that picture look like this one...

 Love... and maybe with this pedestal table...

image 0

Or mabye this pedestal table...

image 3

With about $500 or so... I could probably completely transform my kitchen! 
What did you find on Craigslist today?

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Hyphen Interiors said...

Excellent finds! Every one of those would be great! You are making me want to search Craigslist!

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