The Missing Piece Meets The Big O

Have you seen this little Shel Silverstein book? 


It's too cute. 

And it was actually what we used as our guestbook at the wedding.  I wanted something a little different and the story was just so fitting.
It now sits in my living room under the coffee table and I see it everyday! 

I get it out every once in a while. 

While I don't think everyone signed it, I think those that did loved every minute of it. 

I remember occasionally looking over there and seeing people read it.  I remember looking over and seeing some people sign it.  And some people were extremely creative with their signage!  It's a great reminder of the great day we had! 

Here's a little video I found on You Tube that is all about the Big O.  hehe.

When are we getting married again? 
Or maybe this can be my anniversary gift to Mr K...
Next would be...


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