-- Tools I Use To Get Me Through --

Today I'd like to introduce you to the ever constant tools that I've been using throughout this planning process. I'm sure you know of them... probably because I've mentioned them... or because you already use them, but never-the-less they are very useful.
The Knot --

Theknot.com has so many great features. It offers you a place to keep track of a budget, a guest list, and there's really no need for a planner anymore because it offers up a checklist to you to keep you on track! I check on my checklist every other day. It splits it up easily so that tasks are manageable and not overwhelming. Love The Knot! Don't be afraid to use it's wealth of resources of ideas and pictures as well!

I Do It Yourself --

I Do It Yourself offers great templates and DIY ideas for any occasion. I've found that this not only keeps me wedding savvy, but it also gives me ideas for outside the wedding which is always good at this point in the game. This is a fairly new found fave!

Martha Stewart --

I love anything Martha! Hence the name! ;) She's my fave. She's got anything and everything that you may or may not need. I love the Martha Stewart Wedding's site. Those wedding's are just gorgeous! Then there is the Martha Stewart Crafts site (which is where I'm doing my invites from) and it's also to die for! You name it and they've got it! Love! Love! Love!

Michaels --

Don't be afraid to befriend Michaels craft store. They have a lot of what you might need. I have used so many things from there. Although, I did just take a huge amount of items back the other day...let them be your friend. They always come in handy. They can always be a back up...AND THEY CARRY MARTHA STEWART CRAFTS! Ha-ha.

Any Wedding Magazine --

All the wedding magazines are a must when you are planning. I must admit that I think I went a little overboard. I probably have at least a hundred. Mike used to joke when I'd buy another one..."ANOTHER wedding magazine?!?!" And I'd be like "YES!" My favorites are Southern Weddings (unique ideas), Bride and Bloom, and Grace Ormond Weddings -- These are distinct wedding magazines. Others are The Knot and Brides.

Excel --

Excel is your friend. Know it and love it. Use it for budgets unless you can find one tailored to your needs online. I had to make one myself. I made one with deposits, 2nd set of $ sent, remaining due, and total spent columns. I wanted to make sure I tracked all money spent, sent, and whatnot. Although I'm not sure how good of a job I'm doing. loll.

My Calligraphy Set --

I read somewhere that you should handwrite your invitations so of course I have to do that now. So I went to Borders and bought a $7 calligraphy set. I love handwriting and doodling (got that from my mom) so I figured I'd be good at it. I wish mine looked like Penned and Pretty's Sassy Styles, but my own mix of cursive and calligraphy pen stylings will have to do! Anyways, it's a good $7 well spent if you want to personalize one more part of your wedding.

Check out the above style from another blogger!

Blogger --

Finally BLOGGER! My Blog has helped me through the process. While I don't really know that anyone is out there reading it...It's helped me! It lets me vent some days, it lets me be creative others, and then some days it just lets me share. I love it. I've even set up another blog for after the wedding. We'll see how that one goes! Exciting! I recommend blogging the process to anyone and everyone! It's a great retreat to all of those out there planning!

Happy Planning!  Hope this helped!

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