-- It's Decided! --

This is a totally random post for the day! 

But I think I've finally decided. 

...Ever Since I was a little girl... Every story starts like that, right?!  Well, mine doesn't start quite like that.  I'd say that mine starts ever since I really figured out that I could do WHATEVER I WANTED TO DO (which was about 18 or so...) I decided that I wanted to own my own business.  I always thought it would be a shoppe of somesort, but I figured it would be a little clothing store with sassy designer clothes like 8 Fifteen or Karisma (A sassy little boutique where I live).  I never really thought much of the outdoors or FLOWERS in general. 

Now, I love them.  I love to arrange them at home, I love to plant them at home, and I love to have them at home.  I also find myself loving to look at all kinds of sites that do floral arrangements and/or have shops.  This made me think.  When I was a little girl, I never saw or went to a shop like Lily's in Wyoming or JL Designs in California or Eden Floral Boutique in Cincinnati. 

I can't wait to make my own bouquets and boutonniers.  It will be just great.  I hope they turn out as well as I'm planning! 

My shoppe would look like this all the time! 

And I'd make bouquets and tablescapes inspired by these ones of JL Designs.

We'll see how long it takes me!  Thanks to the great floral shops and floral designers out there for some great inspirations!  :) 

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Robyn Kord said...

Congratulations on your engagement!!

Flowers are beautiful. I have a bride that will be getting married in March of 2011 and I believe she is still looking for flowers. She is on McCordsville, IN and I'm in Indpls., IN...anyway I will have her check out your blog.

Also, I'm a photographer if you are need of wedding photography services. My website is

Have a great day and again congratulations on both your engagement and your flower shop.

Robyn Kord

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