-- Honeymooning --

A couple months back I was trying to decide where to go on our honeymoon. I was also trying to figure out how we were going to pay for it. I'll admit...while we do have a budget and have since day one, I think that I (myself) have gone way over and I think that I accidentally forgot to budget in there for the honeymoon.

So when I was looking at places to go, I was looking for cheap, all inclusive destinations. But I was also entering into contests and giveaways...you name it, I was entered into it.

Then last month while I was in Montana I got a random email that stated, "Dear Abigail, Congratulations! You have been selected as the grand prize winner of the Brides Honeymoon Giveaway." That was the basic jist of the letter. I didn't really believe it because who really wins these things, right?! But I called Mike, and asked him to look into it. He told me he couldn't find anything. So I emailed back, said we'd take it (pending verification) and asked for further clarification and what else was needed of us. We did in the mean time look up the woman whom the email was from and she was legitimately from Brides and Conde Nast so we figured it had to be something...

Well, yesterday my certificate came. We are going to Aruba! We are very excited because we get 4 nights/5 days, all breakfasts, 1 romantic dinner for 2 and a couple’s massage while we are there and we've added on 2 days at the moment, but we may change depending on if we can find good flights. But the hotel is amazing and we are very excited. We are really getting double what we are going to be spending. While we still have to spend some money, we are making out in the long run. We would have never stayed anywhere this nice!

Flights however are our downfall right now. They are very expensive. We had to wait on the certificate to make sure the rooms were available since there are black out dates that you cannot use the certificate on and the prices just keep on jumping. We'd like to fly out of Fort Wayne just because it's so much easier for us, but it seems to just get more and more expensive. So we may end up driving down to Indy the night after the wedding...or wee early hours to catch a 6, 7, or 8am flight so we can make it there by 1pm.
We'll see how this all ends up, but for now, some things are starting to come together...kinda! :)

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