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With it being Valentine's day and all I thought I'd feature a beautiful blog about LOVE and all things pretty!

Who isn't always loving them some wedding blogs?!  I know I am.  Even though I'm six months post-wedding day, I still find myself drawn to all things pretty!  Plus, events are just fun...whether they be wedding or birthday or just a feel good party! 

So while I was planning my own wedding, I was blogstalking my favorite photographer... Amanda Wilcher.  And while I was blogstalking her, I came across an engagement set that made me completely jealous!  Well, in a good way... Jealous for a few reasons: (1) It was taken in Chicago - My most favoritest city in the world (that I've been to).  (2) The couple was absolutely gorgeous!  (3) Rhiannon was a blogger with the cutest, simplest, most creative, and sassy little blog I'd found in a while. 

So... like any good blogstalker, I became a follower.  


Hey Gorg is such a great blog.  Rhiannon features other weddings, great DIY details, and creative ideas that could really be used for any event!  She seems to do it all...and elegantly!  I'm a frequent visitor and feel like this precious gem shouldn't be kept a secret! 

PLUS! She's being featured today on Style Me Pretty
Just wanted to share!  Check her out! 
PS... Check out her events page too!  She's started her own event planning business - Hey Gorgeous, Events by Rhiannon Nicole!

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