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I know I featured our NEW COFFEE table a couple of days ago now, but I wanted to actually just feature that room today and maybe explain it a little bit... Hmmm....

This is our living room. 

It is the main room right off our front door.  We don't have another family room although we do have a loft that we NEVER use (except for a laundry drop off) so this is where we watch our TV and have our little get togethers!  And watch our favorite shows like Dexter, Shameless, and Modern Family!

Right now it's in transition I would say.  Somewhat bland and boring as I'm working on adding pops of color and new curtains.  It just feels cold right now and I'd like to get it to that "homie" feeling.  I also need to do something behind that TV on the wall as I mentioned in the coffee table post.  Any suggestions?  I would love FEEDBACK as most of the bloggers out there have impecible homes and decor! 

Here's what it looked like just 3 weeks ago:


And here it is now (almost same angle) (again, I know)
I think it's a huge difference, but you may not be able to tell much!  I think it feels lighter which is what I'm going for, but we'll see! Maybe it's just the lighting...

Things to keep:
New coffee table (love)
Wing Chair (although would love to reupholster instead of slipcover)
Lamps behind sofa

Everything else is questionable!

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Karen At Home said...

Hi there, thank you so much for stopping by!! It looks like your TV room is really coming together!!! I really like the new coffee table, great choice!!!


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