PlayLand Update

It's Play Time!  Lately we've been spending a lot of time in this room. 
I uploaded these pictures a while back and haven't looked at them since.

The goal was lots of color and fun loving. 

Here's what it looked like just this past fall...

And now here she is...
Thank God these pics are better!

Please don't mind the nudie baby...
She would not get out of the picture..
And now looking at this I'm thinking too much is going on... LOTS of things are happening!

I think we got the color part down.
I'd still like to get a new sofa, new kids kitchen, add drapes/curtains, and probably update the tent to a canopy of somesort at some point down the line. 

I'm laughing right now because I was worreid about all the darn stuffed animals on the sofa and as I'm blogging this I realize there is a sock layed over the blue pillow on the left side of the sofa! 
Yes, very specific so you don't miss it!  OOPS!
Story of my life...
Which also shows you that this is usually a giant mess of clean laundry waiting to be folded!

Ells has really been enjoying this pink chair which was the same chair she had her newborn pictures taken on so its kind of sweet.  I'm really loving the pop it brings to the room and it needed a new home while the back bedroom is in shambles.  It's going to be a part of MAEVE, but until the weather gets a little better it gets to stay warm in here with us.

Back behind the chair you can kind of see the little drawing table we have.  It used to be the "kitchen" table, but has since found a new home in the corner.

I still love my little DIY Knock Off Land of Nod Garlands.  They are my favorite thing in this room.
The goal was to create a positive and fun loving, colorful place where she could create and use her IMAGINATION.

Even the hedgehogs enjoy hanging out up here...
As long as they are happy!

Sofa: Ikea
Rug: Ikea
Tent: Ikea
Garland: DIY
Pouf: CB2
Poms: DIY

1 comment:

Brandi said...

I love all the bright colors. The pink chair is fantastic! Such a sweet space your little girl. I bet she really enjoys it.

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