PlayLand Redesign

Well, my loft redesign is in the mix...
What was supposed to be an adult room for movies & lounging has quickly turned into the toy drop spot AKA PlayLand. 

So I've let go of any sense of "coordinating with the rest of my house" notions and decided to kind of go with the flow... We are stuck with the same furniture up there for a while due to lack of funds, but the furniture is just fine... so here we go!

A while back I had read a post about Kristen's new play room that she designed with Land of Nod.  Don't you just love Land of Nod?  I spent a couple hours on their site yesterday... Looking at tents & tee-pees, garland and girly things, and fun toys!  They had some awesomely cute adorable pieces! 

So that got me to thinking... I can have a cute PlayLand too!  I can do this!  I can make my loft warm, kid-friendly, and fun!  Yes I can... so I hopped right onto Olioboard and away I went.

And ended up creating this...
It's my inspiration room...
It's not mean to be a copycat of Kristen (although Kristen, if you are ever in Indy, please give me a call -- let's lunch and discuss my room[s])...
But I did/do really enjoy her room. 

Unfortunately, I have to work with a lot of what I have... so here goes...

To do list for loft:
  • SPLURGE - New Sofa... I never thought I'd say this, but I really like the Denim one used in the Mood Board - Durability & Versatility
  • Save - Paint TV stand White
  • Save - DIY that adorable garland -- I actually bought a ton of felt a while back to make headbands and never got around to it so YAY!  Cutting crazy here I come!
  • Save - Create similar artwork -- I am in love with these sayings!
  • Splurge - I do need a rug and I am in love with this one!  I wish I could find it for half the price!
  • Save - DIY Refrigerator
  • Hang TV on the Wall
Already Have:
  • Circus Tent from Ikea *Swoon* *Love* *Swoon*
  • Kitchen Stove PB Kids Hand-me-down
  • Pink Chair
  • Doll House
  • Lamp
  • Toys
  • And we have a pink plastic rocking horse but it will fit just fine!
So... I think I have the basics... It's all going to come from a lot of decor...
Here's what the loft looks like now...

Sorry for the night time picture taking... I had no choice! 
Use your imagination and you can see it transform...

Happy Hump Day!

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