Mondays with Martha - Celebrations

Well here we go again... getting back on track...
I love doing Monday's with Martha posts whether they are big or small. 

Recently I was looking for a prop for Ella & we ran into JCP and to my surprise (well not really) I fell in love with yet another line they are carrying!  CELEBRATIONS by Martha Stewart is just another amazing addition to the lineup at JCP. 

Whether you are looking for just cute little cups and plates, or party decor, or even cute candies for vase fillers, you will find it here!  I am in love.  It's too perfect and it's so much better than anything you'll get at a generic party place!




They really do have great packaging, ideas, sets (if you don't like to get creative), and prices! 

Not to mention the fact that I can just run down the street to my local store to grab them!  I haven't checked, but I bet you can even place your order online for in-store pickup!  Winning!

I can't wait to throw another party!  Soon I tell you!  Soon! 

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