Trash to Treasure -- Part 1

Isn't she Gorg?  Meet Buffy.  I just decided that was her name just now.  Buffy the Buffet.

Have I shared this before?!  I'm sure I haven't.  My friend Julia & I picked her up from a neighbors front yard.  They were redoing their floors and no longer wanted it -- I realize that proably had nothing to do with their redoing of the floors, but that's what apparently really pushed it out the door! 

Please don't judge my never clean garage that has now turned into a workshop for TOO MANY DIY PROJECTS.  Yes, I said it.  Don't tell my hubby. 

Our intentions are simple.  Fix, Sand, Paint.  Can't be too complicated right?

So far we've removed the top piece that was warped.  Then we've sanded it all down.  We haven't moved any farther because we are still trying to figure out what color to paint it.  Julia is in the turquoise mood and while I love turquoise I think it's such a classic piece that we should do something more subdued. 

We will figure it out, but stay tuned for the final reveal -- which will obviously not be tomorrow because if you visit often, you know I'm really bad about timely reveals...
So hopefully in the next couple weeks! 

Happy Tuesday!

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