Have you been to any good flea markets lately?  I think I'm addicted. 
I take my $100 and see what all I can get!

This past weekend my friend and I went to one and found all kinds of goodies!  It was recommended 2 weeks before by another friend (and we went then too!) but this weekend I felt like there was a substantial amount of goodies!  I wanted to walk away with it all! 

It's called Robin Eye Flea Market & Garage Sale and they do have a facebook page where you can go on and see what's in the barn and when the next sale is.  It's typically every 2 weeks and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  These are just a quick few snaps of the place and this was not including the vendors that set up in the "backyard."

Here's what my trunk/back seat looked like when we left... I left with quite a bit!

Along with that we did some Goodwill Pickings too last week. Here are some of our finds! 

Some ended up in the shop and some stayed home with me!  Like this cookie jar... It ended up in the shop, but it might make it's way back to my place if it doesn't sell quickly... I'm in love! 

And this mirror was my favorite pick at the Flea Market.  Only $20.  I thought that was a steal!  I've been wanting one ever since I saw Sherry redo one from Young House Love.

I'm so sorry for the messy garage...
please do not focus on the reflection IN the mirror, but only the mirror itself....
Although you might see part of a soon to be revealed project in there somewhere...


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