How to Dress A Coffee Table - Inspiration

My coffee table is feeling very bare these days and I was thinking about how I could sass it up... How I could dress it.

I found this post from The Inspired Nest.  She follows a simple formula of "Books + Plant Material + Decorative Object = stylish and attractive table scape" and also gives other tips to use when styling your table. 

I found some inspiration today as well... 

I love the simplicity of this one above.  Easy formula.
Books + Small Decor

Love this set up, although I'm not too much into this much "Sea" theme.
I love the wire basket and the candle in the lantern though.

This one is very much like my own coffee table except mine has a lower shelf too.
I need more florals in my life so I'm enjoying htat aspect and I'm in desperate need of a dough bowl.

Love this potted plant and coral.  The dog is cute too. 
Recurring theme -- Books...

LLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE the glass dome.  What are those called?  The word escapes me right now but they are gorgeous and a little dramatic.  I have antlers too so I'm thinking this simple arrangement might be a good fit.

I love the use of trays so I might be refinishing a few that are hanging out in my garage at the moment.

This last one is my favorite.  I love the wire baskets with blankets rolled underneath. I've been thinking I need another basket in my life for blankets in the living room but I didn't think of using it this way.
I am in love with that wooden horse but it wouldn't work in my life right now but those green topiary balls are gorgeous.  I feel like my own table might be headed in a direction like this...

I was looking for tables that had the same elements as mine for inspiration - size, wood & iron, etc...  I love that I have anlters, trays and other elements laying around at home to play with.  I need to figure out an arrangment that is practical with my 2 year old roaming around the house and occasionally twirling right into this table.  So hopefully soon my coffee table will be dressed and since I'll be using things from my house, budget friendly!

Happy Monday everyone!  
And Happy Daylight Savings! 
Needing another cup of coffee this morning!     


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